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Alabama Milner’s Chronicle of Early 20th Century Albuquerque

New Mexico PBS. Documenting Albuquerque for over 35 years, photographer Alabama Milner created a remarkable portrait of Albuquerque in the early 20th Century.

30 Americans Video Tour

Albuquerque Museum. Hakim Bellamy, deputy director of the Cultural Services Department, takes you on a not-to-be-missed-tour of the expansive range of work on view in this exhibition.

Colcha Embroidery

One Albuquerque Media GOV-TV16. For centuries, needle workers in New Mexico have decorated plain woven cloth with a special embroidery technique. In more recent times, embroiderers have broadened the range of designs and even occasionally tell stories in pictures.

Contemporary Hispanic Jewelry

One Albuquerque Media GOV-TV16. New Mexico continues to be a center of jewelry innovation in the United States. Contemporary Hispanic jewelers build on the long local tradition of gold and silver-smiths but also infuse their work with experimentation, innovation, and personal style. 

Mexican Filigree from New Mexico

One Albuquerque Media GOV-TV16. .

Rio Grande Hispanic Weaving

One Albuquerque Media GOV-TV16. . 

Bonnie Erickson at the Jim Hensen Exhibit

One Albuquerque Media GOV-TV16. Puppet designer Bonnie Erickson worked with Jim Hensen for many years. She came to Albuquerque to pose the puppets in the Jim Hensen exhibit for all of the city to enjoy.

NMPBS ¡COLORES!: Common Ground Exhibition Part 1

New Mexico PBS. Bringing a provocative new vision to New Mexico’s art history, Albuquerque Museum curator Andrew Connors asks, “Who is a real New Mexican and what is the real New Mexico?” 

More than Goya’s Muse, 
the Duchess of Alba

One Albuquerque Media GOV-TV 16. Albuquerque Museum presents a lecture by Marcus Burke, Senior Curator at the Hispanic Society Museum and Library about the woman behind the painting.

NMPBS ¡COLORES!: Jewelry Making in New Mexico

New Mexico PBS. From prehistory to the present, New Mexico has long possessed cultures of adornment. Albuquerque Museum’s curator of art, Andrew Connors, shares how jewelry making in New Mexico has always been about innovation. 

Route 66: Radiance, Rust and Revival on the Mother Road

One Albuquerque Media GOV-TV 16. Conceived in honor of the 90th anniversary of Route 66, this exhibition celebrates the art, history and popular culture of the iconic Mother Road.

Charlie Carillo

New Mexico PBS. Visiting the Albuquerque Museum’s blockbuster exhibition, “Visions of the Hispanic World,” master santero Charlie Carrillo shares centuries of cultural connections.