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Find contact information to be a friend to Albuquerque's wildlife.

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Birds: Need Help?

Remember, wild birds are protected by law, and handling birds should be left to licensed wildlife rehabilitators.

  • If you find an injured bird, contact a rehabilitator before you attempt to help the bird:
  • If you find an injured raptor, roadrunner, raven or crow, call the Raptor Rescue Hotline at 505-999-7740 Or visit the raptor rescue website

Bears: Need Help?

  • You don’t have to report bear sightings; bears are at home here too.
  • If you see a bear nearby, or if a bear is in a nearby tree, walk away or go inside your house, and take your pets with you. Give the bear time to leave. 
  • If a bear comes close to your home, yell at them and make noise from the safety of your doorway. Teach bears that they are not welcome around your home.
  • Report a bear only if the bear appears aggressive or tries to enter a house. Call the New Mexico Department of Game & Fish at 505-222-4700.

Coyote: Need Help?

  • To report a sick or injured coyote, call 311 or contact the city’s animal welfare department 505-768-2000.

Snakes: Need Help?

  • Go immediately to a hospital or emergency veterinarian (call and ask if the vet stocks antivenom) if you or your pet have been bitten by a rattlesnake.
  • If you’re not sure whether the snake was venomous or whether the bite contained venom, get first aid advice by calling Poison Control at 1-800-222-1222.
  • To report and relocate a rattlesnake, call 311 or contact the city’s animal welfare department 505-768-2000.

Hiking: Need Help?

  • Visit the Open Space Visitor Center at 6500 Coors NW, which is open Tuesday through Saturday from 9am to 5pm. The Visitor Center offers exhibits about the natural and cultural resources protected in the city’s Open Space areas. During fall and winter, you may see Sandhill cranes and other migratory birds in the surrounding fields.
  • If you witness prohibited activity during your hike, please call the city’s Open Space Police Officers at 505-242-COPS (2677).
  • If you witness poaching, please report this to the New Mexico Game and Fish Department at 505-222-4700 (during office hours) or 505-827-9376 (weekends and after hours).

Diseases: Need Help?

  • Seek medical or veterinary care if you or your pet gets bitten by a wild animal, especially if the animal appeared sick or if the wound becomes red, warm, or swollen.
  • Report a dead rabbit or rodent on your property when the cause of death is not obvious (no signs of trauma, predation, etc.), but don’t touch the animal. Call 311 and the City’s Urban Biology Division will contact you. The City will collect and test animals found in North Albuquerque Acres, neighborhoods east of Tramway Blvd, Foothills, and East Mountains communities.
  • Get free pet vaccinations: for low- to moderate-income residents, free vaccinations for dogs and cats are available through the Animal Welfare Department’s Offsite Preventative Health Clinic or its Mobile Services Van. Call 311 to request an appointment.