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Construction Moratoriums

During large City construction projects, planning engineers will issue construction moratoriums to ensure safe and efficient road conditions for Albuquerque citizens. All active moratoriums' duration and span will be listed below, including PDFs with maps.

I. Albuquerque Rapid Transit Moratorium

Effective Dates: Monday, July 18th 2016, to Project Completion (Late 2017)

In anticipation of the upcoming construction of the Albuquerque Rapid Transit Project (ART), More stringent control of construction and barricading activities within public rights-of-way is required. Certain additional restrictions, not currently in effect, will be imposed to maximize the lanes available to roadway users.

As provided in Section 6-5-2-4 of the Ordinance, excavation and/or barricading permits shall not be issued for work affecting the following high traffic area before and during critical events:

All streets bounded by, and including:

  1. Central Ave. from Wyoming Blvd. to Unser Blvd.


The requirements above may be waived for extenuating circumstances, i.e., emergencies, ongoing construction projects, and projects which require immediate excavation.  Waivers may be obtained with a written request detailing the necessity of the project, and require the concurrence of the Director of the Department of Municipal Development.