How to Respond to a Request for Proposal

Information about responding to the Selection Advisory Committee's request for proposal process.

This general information supplement has been provided in an effort to clarify the City's expectations when responding to certain sections and topics of the proposal outline. The topics addressed in this supplement are NOT all-inclusive of the information you need to provide for this project. Please refer to Proposal Outline for a complete list of sections and related questions you are expected to respond to.

Mandatory item to be included in proposals: Agreement and insurance certification. One form must have original notary seal. All others may be copies. Be sure that you read and understand the standard agreement to be used for this project before you execute the agreement and insurance certification.

Maximum Page Limitation: 15 (single-sided) unless otherwise specified in title legal ad. If double-sided pages are used, each side shall be numbered and counted as separate pages. Remember to read the advertised RFP carefully. The page limitation is occasionally increased.

  1. If supplied, the following pages will be excluded from being counted as part of the maximum page limitation:
    • Front and back cover and binding pages
    • The Letter of Introduction
    • The Title Page
    • The Table of Contents
    • Dividers between proposal information categories
    • The Agreement and Insurance Certification form and other certifications
  2. Any 17"x11" pages shall be numbered as two pages.
  3. Drawings on 24"x36" sheets shall be numbered as four pages.
  4. Your proposal should be as clear and concise as you can make it while still providing the Selection Advisory Committee with information addressing the requirements in each of the five categories stipulated in the RFP.

Proposals exceeding the maximum page limitation will be rejected and will not be evaluated.

Take six (6) copies of your bound proposals to:

Capital Implementation Program (CIP)
7th Floor, Room 7057
Albuquerque/Bernalillo County Government Center
One Civic Plaza
Albuquerque, NM, 87102 -Map

Additional Copies

Please note that additional copies may occasionally be required. If so, the number of copies you must provide will be stated in the advertised RFP for this project.

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