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50-Mile Activity Loop

Albuquerque's proposed 50-mile bicycling, running and walking loop around the city.

50 Mile Activity Loop Map as of Sept. 18, 2017

View a larger image of the Proposed 50 Mile Activity Loop.


The 50-Mile Activity Loop is the City of Albuquerque's proposed 50-mile, multi-use trail and bikeway facility that aims to fill the gaps in our existing trails and bikeways facilities to create a bicycling, running and walking loop around the city. The project benefits quality of life and health and wellness for locals with opportunities for economic development, tourism and possible events, such as a 50-mile or Century ride and charity walks.

The City worked with community leaders, citizen groups and local engineering firm Wilson & Company to develop the 50-Mile Activity Loop Plan, which was completed in September of 2013.

View the Executive Summary. (13 pages)

View the full plan (142 pages)

"The 50-Mile Loop will be a great asset for Albuquerque, to promote health and recreation and a destination for tourists." - Mayor Richard J. Berry

The Route

The Loop starts in Downtown Albuquerque and travels through the Old Town and museum district, crosses the Rio Grande and touches the edge of Petroglyph National Monument.  It travels along the Riverside Trail up to the Paseo Del Norte Trail, and on to Balloon Fiesta Park.  It takes trail-goers along the northern edge of the city and along the Sandia Mountains.  On their way back to Downtown, there will be shopping and eating opportunities to enjoy, thus stimulating the economy and also creating one more reason to live, work and play in Albuquerque.

The map above shows red sections (gaps to fill) that will join with the blue sections (existing bikeways and trail facilities) to complete the Loop. The map also shows mini-loops that can provide connections to the Loop, which would be a future project. View the interactive map.

Project Cost

Upon completion, the 50-Mile Activity Loop is anticipated to cost approximately $20 million. Funding so far has been made available without a tax increase to residents and instead has come from federal grants, existing City revenue, and GO Bond funding.The City is working to put together a funding plan to complete the 50-Mile Activity Loop. Other government groups have also been involved in the project including: Bernalillo County, NMDOT, MRCOG, AMAFCA and MRGCD.

Project Status

Lots of exciting progress has been made and several new projects are in the pipeline for the 50-Mile Activity Loop project. The first phase of construction, which connects connects Uptown to Zuni Road via multi-use trails and features shared lane bicycle markings (sharrows), the city's first HAWK Signal and many other improvements.

The city's first Hawk Signal - View the story

City Begins Installation of 50-Mile Activity Loop Wayfinding Signage - View the Story

View more about 50-Mile Activity Loop projects.

Learn More

For more information about this and other ABQ the Plan projects, please email at [email protected] or telephone: (505) 924-3860.

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