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50 - Mile Activity Loop

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Filling in the gaps to create a 50-mile loop.

The City of Albuquerque, along with Wilson and Company, a local engineering firm, has finished the 50-Mile Loop Plan document, which provides plans to complete and improve a 50-mile bicycling, running, and walking trail, circling Albuquerque. The Plan recommends ways to fill in gaps (shown in red) to join with the blue sections (existing trail facilities) to complete the 50-Mile Loop.

"The 50-Mile Loop will be a great asset for Albuquerque, to promote health and recreation and provide a destination for tourists." - Mayor Berry.

Design Work Begins

The City has extended the contract with Wilson & Co. to design the first section.

The project will focus on connecting Nob Hill with the Winrock Mall area. The project team will look at on-street facilities and possibly a pedestrian bridge in the Pennsylvania area to connect to Winrock. Additional ADA accessibility improvements will be considered at key intersections. Other possible areas of improvement are shown in the map above.

The design project is funded by $150K in Capital Improvement Program funds. The designs for this project will be completed in Spring of 2014. Additional funds will be needed for construction.

For more information please email us your comments at [email protected], visit the ABQ the Plan Facebook or join our newsletter.

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