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Old Town Virtual Task Force

Information about the Old Town Virtual Task Force.

At a public meeting held on March 20, 2018 to address zoning regulations and code enforcement in the Old Town Historic Overlay Zone (HOZ), merchants and property owners in Old Town expressed a desire to make recommendations to amend zoning regulations in Old Town.  Particular concern was expressed with regard to existing regulations on outdoor displays, signage, and outdoor demonstrations.

Since April, City Council staff and the Planning Department’s Code Enforcement and Historic Preservation Divisions have been coordinating a virtual task force aimed at collecting community input from Old Town stakeholders surrounding current Integrated Development Ordinance (IDO) regulations related to the topics of 1) Outdoor Displays, 2) Signs, and 3) Outdoor Demonstrations within the Old Town HOZ.  This task force was coordinated online with the goal of maximizing participation as well as reducing the amount of time required to complete the work.  The City’s website was used as the venue for City Council staff to provide participating task force members access to current regulations related to Old Town and also for staff to collect information through a series of online input sessions and tasks.  Members of the community who wanted to participate in the task force first had to identify themselves as business owners, property owners, and residents in order to login into the website and provide their input. 

For each topic, two tasks were completed by participating task force members over the course of one to two weeks, depending on the complexity of each topic.  The first task was to review current language in the zoning code related to the topic at hand and to provide input on how these regulations might be amended. This information review and input included a series of questions that could be submitted along with comments and recommendations through an online form. City Council staff consolidated this input to post back on the City’s website for participating task force members to complete their second task.  This second task involved ranking all of the recommendations provided by participating members during the first task to identify potential opportunities for making amendments to the IDO. While each task had a deadline, participation did not require attendance at meetings and occurred on each individual’s own time and according to their interest in each task.  Participants were given the opportunity to provide long answers and comments for certain questions in each topic – these answers and comments are included in the Appendix at the end of this report. 

The following reports include summaries of the results from the task force’s second task for each topic in graph form.  City Council and Planning Department staff will be working to draft potential amendments to the IDO informed by these recommendations.

Topic 1: Outdoor Displays

Topic 2: Signs

Topic 3: Outdoor Demonstrations

NOTE: Black and White Graphs are shown tonal for black and white printing.