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Internal Audit News

Announcements from the Office of Internal Audit.

06-28-2017 - 16-104 - Performance Audit - ACH and Wire Transfer Payments - Department of Finance and Administrative Services

DFAS-Treasury Division processes ensure that ACH and wire transfer payments are authorized, supported, accurate, timely and valid. Policy and procedure revisions that specifically reflect daily operations will enable DFAS-Treasury to improve its internal processes and will provide clear instructions for the staff. As DFAS-Treasury’s role is vital to City business, should any type of unforeseen disruption occur, it is important to have contingency procedures to minimize the impact of such events.

04-26-2017 - 16-106 - Vendor Audit - Ahern Rentals, Inc. (Vendor Report) - Citywide

Effective contract monitoring is an important aspect of ensuring compliance with contractual obligations. Through effective monitoring of contract requirements, Ahern will be able to ensure it submits accurate invoices, with no unallowable fees, provides only equipment included in the equipment schedule, submits invoices containing accurate billing rates, and is compliant with the contract requirements for insurance.

03-17-2017 - 16-107 - Performance Audit - Officer Overtime - APD

Consistently following SOPs and protocol for overtime transactions are significant controls that are intended to prevent unauthorized overtime from being approved and paid. Reconciliation of subsidiary systems to main systems and on-going monitoring can effectively detect potential fraud, waste, and abuse.