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Internal Audit News

Announcements from the Office of Internal Audit.

05-27-2020 - 19-109 - Performance Audit - Planning Collections Audit Report

The Office of Internal Audit conducted a performance audit of the Collection and Write-Off Property Liens process of the Planning Department’s Code Enforcement Department. The audit objective was to determine if lien receivables and write-offs for weed removal, litter clean-up and demolition filed by CED adhere to the requirements prescribed by the City of Albuquerque’s Credit, Collections and Accounts Receivable Policy as outlined in the City’s Administration Instruction (AI) 2-2.

12-11-2019 - 19-107 - Performance Audit - Allocation & Use of Public, Education, and Government Access Funds - Cultural Services & Legal Departments

Compliance with external guidelines and restrictions regarding the use of Public, Education, and Government (PEG) Access funding is key. Although the approved uses of the funds may have certain grey areas that remain open to interpretation, by establishing formal policies and procedures the City can help ensure that all expenses using PEG Access funds are properly used for PEG Access capital needs.

08-29-2019 - 19-105 - Vendor Audit - Trane, Inc. (Vendor Report) - Citywide

Contractual compliance and invoice accuracy are key requirements of City vendors. Opportunities exist for Trane, Inc. (Trane) to improve in these areas. The review of Trane’s invoices identified various contractual and billing issues. By addressing the items contained in this report, Trane will help improve and strengthen its relationship with the City departments and contractual compliance.