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Internal Audit News

Announcements from the Office of Internal Audit.

12-13-2017 - 16-108 - Performance Audit - Performance Monitoring of Social Service Contracts - Department of Family and Community Services

The Department of Family and Community Services (DFCS) should establish an effective and efficient process for monitoring the performance of Social Service Contracts. By establishing a consistent, standard and centralized process for monitoring the performance of Social Service Contracts, DFCS management can ensure that expected outcomes are met, and the City has fully benefited from the provided services.

2017 Annual Report - Office of Internal Audit

The Office of Internal Audit (OIA) has completed its' annual report for fiscal year 2017, which demonstrates that OIA produces audits and non-audit services that include recommendations intended to improve City operations. It also shows the service OIA provides by offering its knowledge and expertise in responding to requests for assistance from department personnel.

Open Letter

It has come to the attention of the Inspector General and Acting City Auditor that individuals in unclassified positions have obtained or may be in the process of obtaining classified employment. In some cases, it has been proposed that new positions be created with the intent to move individuals from unclassified to classified positions. Without proper support and justification, this practice has the potential to have negative impacts on the City's budget and operational environment.