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Next Stop, the International District

New ART platform at San Pedro and Central increases accessibility to transportation, safety in the area

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Today, ABQ Ride celebrated the completion of a new ART platform, near Central Avenue and San Pedro Drive. The new platform is part of a $3.3 million project to upgrade three other platforms and build this new addition to the ART system.

“Each time our bus doors open to passengers, they open doors to work, school, and opportunity across our city,” said Mayor Keller. “This new stop brings greater access to businesses in the International District and better connections across the city for residents.”

City Councilor Pat Davis emphasizes that equity in Albuquerque’s transit system has always been a priority for him.

“During my earliest days on the City Council, I worked with two mayors and my council colleagues to remedy the shortcomings of ART including the initial plan to drive rapid transit through the International District but not provide any stops for working people to access it,” said Councilor Davis. “Working with two mayors, a dozen different councilors and through the pandemic we've kept working to not just build a bus stop but to build a more accessible and equitable transit system by eliminating fares and adding service like this. With the help of the Keller administration and our many community partners we're proving that we can deliver on those values.​”

The new platform and the upgrades to the other three include Wi-Fi, information screens, audible announcement speakers, and cameras that connect to Albuquerque Police Department’s Real Time Crime Center. In addition, the Department of Municipal Development installed HAWK signals for pedestrians to safely access the new platform.

“Community members really rallied to make this platform a reality,” Interim Transit Director of ABQ RIDE Stephanie Dominguez said. “It was all part of a larger project that included upgrades to our other platforms, and part of ABQ RIDE’s larger commitment to ensuring that our system is safe and accessible.”