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City of Albuquerque and Electric Bus Maker BYD Reach Settlement

The City of Albuquerque and BYD released the following statement after reaching a settlement on May 19, 2019.

“BYD and the City have reached a settlement that resolves litigation, allowing the parties to move forward at no additional cost. Since the contract was terminated, both BYD and the City have engaged in good faith dialogue to reach this resolution. Although the parties made public statements in defense of their respective positions during the dispute, they are now committed to moving forward and wish each other success.

“The City supports BYD’s pursuit of its mission to expand zero-emission public transportation with the next generation of high-quality electric buses. BYD supports the City’s commitment to the Albuquerque Rapid Transit project and wishes the City best of luck on its completion and successful operation.”

To see the settlement agreement between the City of Albuquerque and bus maker BYD, click HERE.