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ABQ RIDE Using Different Measures to Keep COVID-19 Virus at Bay

ABQ RIDE is using a comprehensive approach to keep fixed bus and Sun Van riders and drivers as safe as possible.

Service is running as normal, and ABQ RIDE is reminding riders to frequently wash their hands, use hand sanitizer, cough into the crooks of their arms or a tissue, and call the NMDOH hotline (855-600-3453) if you feel you have COVID-19 symptoms.

We are cleaning and disinfecting every bus and Sun Van each night, bringing in ten additional temporary staff to assist with that workload.

ABQ RIDE will place new information about any service changes or updates on its website, social media platforms,  message monitors at ART platforms, push notices on the ABQ RIDE App, Text2Ride service and signs on fare boxes on the buses.

311 is also a great resource for people looking for information.