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ABQ RIDE to Implement Updated Bus Schedule

City seeks to improve reliability of ABQ RIDE bus service.
October 05, 2023

Beginning Saturday, October 14, ABQ RIDE will shift to an abbreviated schedule on several fixed bus routes as a means to improve on-time performance across the transit system. Due to a severe staffing shortage for both bus drivers and mechanics, the department has faced challenges with meeting the demand for service. These changes to the schedule are designed to reduce the burden on ABQ RIDE bus drivers and mechanics while improving reliability for our riders.

“At ABQ RIDE, we value our hard-working staff and their commitment to providing essential transportation services to the residents and visitors of Albuquerque,” said Transit Director Leslie Keener. “For the next several months, ABQ RIDE will focus heavily on filling vacant driver and mechanic positions until we are in the position to re-evaluate the system and reestablish service hours that our riders desperately need and deserve.”

Many of the changes in the new bus schedule were made to routes that serve major corridors in Albuquerque including Lomas Blvd, San Mateo Blvd, and the two ART lines on Central Ave. With these changes to the current schedule, the number of buses needed will be reduced by about 15%. This reduction in buses will provide much needed relief to Motorcoach Operators and the department’s Vehicle Maintenance Division.

ABQ RIDE is committed to maintaining our goal of serving the public through accessible and reliable transportation services. This new schedule will remain in place until the department is able to hire new drivers and bus mechanics to maintain the fleet.

A detailed list of all service changes for ABQ RIDE fixed routes is available on the Schedule Changes webpage