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ABQ RIDE Restarting #37-12th St./Rio Grande Route

Will Operate on a Weekday-Only Schedule Beginning Monday, April 27

On March 28, when ABQ RIDE went to a Saturday-type schedule on its routes, it meant temporarily halting service on routes that don’t normally operate on Saturdays. That included Route #37-12th St./Rio Grande, a one-way loop which runs a North Valley route opposite the still-operating Route #36.

Now, the Transit Department is restarting the #37 to its previous weekday schedule on Monday, April 27. That means from Monday through Friday only, it will start out at the Alvarado Transportation Center at 6:29 a.m. It then heads west on Lomas to Central and Rio Grande, before circling back to 12th St and then back to the Alvarado Transportation Center.

“We received interest from riders and City Council, so our operations and planning staff looked into the feasibility of restarting the #37.” said Danny Holcomb, Transit Department Director. “We will be able to resume it on April 27.”

Route #37 makes a clockwise loop through the North Valley that runs opposite to Route #36’s counterclockwise loop. It began in May, 2018, after numerous requests by riders on Route #36 said they could benefit from a bus that ran in the opposite direction.

And unlike Route #36, which operates on Saturdays, Route #37 will only operate Monday through Friday. Neither route runs on Sundays.


ABQ RIDE is Albuquerque‘s principal form of public transportation.  It daily logs an average of 160,000 Passenger Miles on its buses.