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5 Reasons to Take ABQ RIDE to Isotopes Day Games

Plan your route and make a day of the exciting sites with the family along Route 16 this summer
June 24, 2024

Isotopes baseball players image with Route 16 promotional dates.

Attending Isotopes games is a staple of Albuquerque summers for families and now ABQ RIDE is making the experience even easier. Route 16 is nicknamed the “BUG”, traversing Broadway, University, Gibson, and continuing onward to the Nob Hill area. Service on this route will be doubled on June 26, July 10, and September 12 to accommodate frequent and accessible service to arrive at weekday ball games at Isotopes Park. As you plan your summer activities, here are the reasons to keep ABQ RIDE in mind:

1. Focus on Family Fun, Not On Driving

By taking the bus to Isotopes Park, you will arrive with near door-to-door service. The Route 16 bus stops are conveniently located just outside of or catty-corner to the stadium, depending on the Northbound or Southbound direction. Taking the bus reduces traffic congestion, parking fees, and long walks in the sun  all contributing to a bigger focus on family and fun.

2. The Transit System is More Accessible Than Ever

What better way to get around the City than for free? Riding the bus is free in Albuquerque and is ultra-accessible through the Transit app which offers interactive support to plan routes from point A to Point B. If you don’t live directly on Route 16, you can take advantage of ABQ RIDE’s Park and Ride locations or transfer from other bus routes to the “BUG.”

3. Stop by Cool Places Located Along the Route

Hop off the bus at family-friendly destinations to make a day of Isotopes day games. Many community gems are accessible from Route 16 including: Dion’s, Buffalo Wild Wings, Applebees, Little Caesars, Pollito con Papas, Cold Stone Creamery, Olo Dessert Studio, Flying Star, Little Bear, Burton Park, Fresh Fare, Ernie Pyle Public Library, and many more.

4. Kids Love the “Accordion” Style ART 

If a transfer is involved in your route, ABQ RIDE encourages families to try out Albuquerque Rapid Transit (ART). Kids love sitting in the middle of the articulated or “bendy” bus which has an accordion-like connector in the middle. 

5. Share The Value of Public Transportation

It’s important to teach kids the value of public transportation as a City resource and means of connecting the community to livelihoods and enrichment. ABQ RIDE supports alternative and multimodal transportation including biking, walking, carpooling, or taking the train. 


Buy Isotopes day game tickets, download the Transit app to plan your route to attend your favorite summer activities, and find more information about attending baseball games via Route 16. For additional trip planning assistance, call 243-RIDE.