Home Energy Efficiency

Information on how to lower your home energy bills

Learn More to Lower your Energy Bills

There are many other programs available to reduce your energy usage, check them out below:

NMMFA Energy$mart

The New Mexico Mortgage Finance Authority offers the Energy$mart Program for homeowners and renters. Homes receive an average of $5,500 in energy efficiency upgrades through the program, which may include insulation, caulking, new windows, and new heating systems. You can expect savings on your utility costs of $350 to $500 each year.

NMGC Savings and Rebates

The New Mexico Gas Company offers many programs for all residential customers to reduce natural gas consumption including home audits, weatherization, efficient shower heads, rebates for smart thermostats, and more.

PNM Rebates

PNM offers tips, audits, and programs to reduce your electricity consumption and save money. Use the Home Energy Analyzer to get advice on how to save or look for rebates on home items like LED lighting or air conditioners.

Sustainable Building Tax Credit

For new residential and building construction, the State of New Mexico offers the Sustainable Building Tax Credit. This program is an income tax credit to encourage private sector design and construction of energy efficient, sustainable buildings for commercial and residential use.