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Creative Ways to Reduce Your Holiday Waste and Recycle Right in ABQ

A naughty/nice list to show what is and isn’t recyclable during the Holidays and tips for reuse.

December 13, 2021

The Holidays are here and the Solid Waste Management Department wants to remind you about the importance of reducing waste and recycling right this season. During the Holidays, household waste in America increases by about 25 percent. That is an additional one million tons of materials a week going into U.S. landfills. The good news is that many of these materials can be recycled or reused.

When it comes to recycling holiday décor and packaging, it’s important to know what can and cannot go into your blue recycle cart or bin. So we’ve made a list and we ask that you check it twice before throwing out your holiday materials.

Cardboard Gift Boxes
Food Boxes
Egg Nog Cartons
Beverage Cans
Food Cans
Plastic Containers
Plastic Jugs
Plastic Bottles and Caps
Paper Gift Bags
Christmas Tree Stands (No Wood Stands)

Wrapping Paper
Christmas Lights
Tree Ornaments
Christmas Trees (Real or Artificial)
Tissue Paper
Plastic Wrap
Plastic Bags
Styrofoam Peanuts

In addition to recycling right, reuse is an important way to reduce waste. Consider wrapping your gifts in newspaper, posters, or reusable cloth bags. Make holiday gift tags out of old Christmas cards. Instead of disposable table wear, consider serving food on real reusable dishware.

If utilizing any one of the City’s Recycling Drop-off Sites for your extra recycling during the holiday season, please make sure to collapse your boxes before tossing them into the recycling bins so there can be enough space for everyone’s recyclables.

Treecycling is also around the corner. It will be kicking off on December 27 and will run through January 9 at three locations around the City. Real Christmas trees will be ground into mulch chips which will be available to residents for free while supplies last.