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City of Albuquerque Kicks off Green Team Initiative

Green Teams will promote sustainability throughout all city departments.

Today, Mayor Tim Keller announced that the City of Albuquerque is kicking off an initiative to promote sustainability across all city departments. Green Team members have been selected and will serve as sustainability champions. These members will create a culture of sustainability by promoting environmentally-friendly practices throughout their respective departments.

“We’re weaving sustainability into the fabric of our actions here at the City,” stated Mayor Keller. “There’s no better place to start than to make sure that all of our own departments are doing their part to conserve valuable resources and energy. With all of us working together to make small improvements, we can create a better future for our children and community.”

From promoting recycling best practices to encouraging staff to attend “lunch and learns,” the Green Team members will work to achieve the following goals:

• Create sustainability awareness
• Create a recycle, reduce, and reuse worksite culture
• Build broad support and collaboration for sustainability
• Evaluate and continuously improve initiatives

This initiative is spearheaded by the Solid Waste Management Department with support from the Environmental Health Department and the Mayor’s Sustainability Committee. These entities will provide ongoing oversight, training, and capacity-building for Green Team members as part of Mayor Tim Keller’s commitment to sustainability.

Check out this new video where Mayor Tim Keller and First Lady Elizabeth Kistin Keller talk about how to Recycle Right in Albuquerque.