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Burqueños Celebrate America Recycles Day by Keeping Household Items Out of the Landfill

National FixIt Clinic initiative focuses on encouraging reuse among City of Albuquerque residents

Keep Albuquerque Beautiful in coordination with the City of Albuquerque Solid Waste Management Department, and FUSE Makerspace held its first FixIt Clinic. City of Albuquerque residents gathered at Fuse Makerspace to learn how to fix their broken household items.

“This event spear-heads our intentional focus on the importance of reuse.” stated Matthew Whelan, Director of the City Solid Waste Management Department. “We are so grateful to the community volunteers who helped coach residents on how to fix and reuse their broken household items.”

Eight volunteer FixIt Coaches from the community gave their time and expertise in a variety of different areas including sewing, bicycle maintenance, computer and small appliance repair. Event participants brought sewing machines, clothes, blenders, clock, radios, laptops, and other household appliances. Participants were matched with a skilled Coach and spent 15-30 minutes walking through trouble-shooting and repair techniques in order to learn the skills necessary to potentially fix their household item.

FixIt Clinic is a national initiative and an all-ages, do-it-together activity where people bring their broken household things and learn how to assess, disassemble, and hopefully repair them instead of sending them to the landfill.