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About the Office of Policy

Find information about the Office of Policy.

The Office of Policy is dedicated to moving the Administration’s progressive policy agenda forward through legislation, public outreach, and research.

We keep abreast of national and international initiatives that can continue moving Burque forward, supporting the Administration’s vision of One Albuquerque.

Junior Appropriations Request Form

The 2023 Junior Appropriations Request Form can now be filled out and submitted online.

One Albuquerque: Kids' Cabinet

The Cabinet is an appointed action body composed of content experts, community partners, and agencies who work with city leadership to identify ways to improve access and increase youth opportunities across Albuquerque. Membership includes representatives from the public and private sectors as well as the City of Albuquerque Police Department; Equity and Inclusion; Family and Community Services; Cultural Services; Parks and Recreation; Senior Affairs; and Transit.

Find more information about Kids’ Cabinet.