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Resources for CABQ Nonprofits

CABQ Resources

CABQ Procurement site services all of the City Departments’ goods, services, and professional/technical service needs. It is responsible for issuing and tracking contracts and other agreements.

Procurement staff review expiring contracts and work with departments to forecast bids and proposals. This Solicitations site provides info on current and old solicitations, the process, and registration info.

HHH Requests for Proposals

CABQ Culture Change Initiative

More trainings for non- and social profits TBA here

Additional Resources


Groundworks New Mexico (be sure to see their Principles & Practices Guide)

Grant Plant


Albuquerque Community Foundation

Thornburg Foundation

The Jennifer Riordan Foundation

PNM Resources Foundation

McCune Charitable Foundation

Santa Fe Community Foundation

W.K. Kellogg Foundation

NM Funders Collaborative


Local Funding Sources

Local Nonprofit Speaker Series

Impact and Coffee