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Traffic Signals

The City of Albuquerque ensures safe and orderly flow of traffic throughout the metropolitan area. This goal is accomplished by conducting visibility analyses, and by installing and maintaining traffic control signals, signs and markings.

How do I report flashing traffic signal lights?

New traffic signals are set to flash before the normal sequence of signal operation is put into effect. Also, some traffic signals are set to flash during parts of the day when there are lower traffic volumes. If the traffic signals are flashing during a time of day when they should have normal cycling operation and you are located in the City of Albuquerque, call 311. Consider the following questions:

  • Where is signal located?
  • Are all of the traffic signals flashing? If not, for what directions of travel are they flashing?
  • What are the street names (including St. or Blvd. or Ave.)?
  • Is this a City intersection?
    • If the signal is in Rio Rancho, call 505-891-5016.
    • For county intersections, call Bernalillo County at 505-848-1503 Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM until 5:00 PM. After hours, call the Bernalillo County Sheriff's Department at 505-798-7000.

Traffic Signals

The City installs new traffic signal equipment and modifies existing equipment.

Operation and Maintenance

The City operates and maintains approximately 625 signalized intersections throughout the city. This includes:

  • Repairing and/or replacing signal equipment that has been damaged or destroyed.
  • Performing preemptive maintenance of signal equipment in order to reduce the probability of signal failures and annual inspection and testing of equipment to ensure reliability.
  • Improving signal timing. A concerted effort has been made to increase the number of signals that are interconnected and controlled by a central system capable of adjusting timing automatically in order to reduce traffic delays and allow for efficient traffic flow.

Rehabilitation Efforts

The City rehabilitates signalized intersections each year. These efforts include:

  • Installing new cable and wiring of intersections to a standard color code. Color coding improves the efficiency with which modifications and repairs of existing signal installation can be carried out.
  • Ensuring public safety and maximizing protection of the electronic signal equipment from damage caused by static electricity, lightning, and electrical noise.
  • Rehabilitating school flashing beacons.

Signs and Markings

The City manufactures, installs and maintains approximately 100,000 signs and hundreds of miles of markings within the city. The responsibilities of this section include:

  • Replacing faded, damaged and/or vandalized traffic signs.
  • Maintaining pavement markings throughout the city. This includes the pavement markings and crosswalks/legends used at major intersections.
  • Keeping an inventory of existing installed traffic control signs and updating our signs and markings material inventory, in order to better meet maintenance and installation needs. This entails reviewing existing methods and materials to achieve more efficient, effective, and safe traffic control signs throughout our community.

If you are located in the City of Albuquerque, call 311 (505-768-2000 from outside the local calling area). Please have the following information available when you call:

  • Where is the sign located?
  • What are the street names including St. or Blvd. or Ave. and NW, NE, SE, etc.
  • For the sign in question, what direction is the traffic going?
  • If it is a residential street, what are the nearby main cross streets?
  • Is the sign coming out of a parking lot or private property? (Such as: a mall, shopping center, school, etc.) Signs placed in private parking lots are privately owned. You need to contact the store property management.
  • If the sign is wooden or painted and within a park or recreation area, call Parks at 505-857-8650.
  • If the School crossing is on a public street, call 311
  • If the curb marking or pavement markings (stripes) are on a school's property, you should call Albuquerque Public Schools Maintenance at 505-765-5950
  • If the yellow curb marking is for a bus stop, call ABQ Ride at 505-724-3121
  • If the striping is on private parking areas, the business property owner is responsible for the striping.

If the street is in Rio Rancho, call 505-891-5016 or go to the Rio Rancho website

For County intersections, call Bernalillo County at 505-848-1503

Traffic Analysis

The City participates in the investigation of traffic safety issues and the issuing of permits.

Investigations are conducted to insure compliance with City ordinances regarding visibility and sidewalk obstructions. This includes field investigations of locations, property owner notification, and follow-up procedures.

This section also performs various traffic volume counts and radar studies to determine the need for placement of traffic signals, signs, or pavement markings.