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Employee Mediation Tips

Before the Mediation Session

  • Decide what your workplace concerns are;
  • Consider what the other person’s viewpoint may be;
  • Consider:
    • What the best result would be if an agreement is reached in the mediation session;
    • What the worst result would be if an agreement is not reached; and
    • What might be a sensible, realistic, and fair resolution to the issue.
  • Prepare to let go of the past and work towards the future.

During the Mediation Session

  • Commit to honor the confidentiality of the mediation sessions;
  • Listen respectfully to the other person’s point of view;
  • Openly discuss how the issues affect the workplace;
  • Work with the other person to discuss options that may result in an agreement that works for everyone.

After the Mediation Session

  • If you reach an agreement during mediation, carry out all agreement items in good faith;
  • If agreement items need further clarification, work with the other person to clarify or adjust the item;
  • Ask for help or another mediation session, before things get out of hand, if the situation begins to worsen.