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Employee Mediation Program

Information about the employee mediation program.

The Employee Mediation Program is an informal, structured process designed to assist City of Albuquerque employees in discussing workplace issues and develop a more positive and productive workplace environment. Anyone can request mediation.

Mediators, or neutral third parties, assist individuals in working toward a mutually acceptable solution to their workplace issue. Mediation offers each party an:

  • Opportunity for each person to discuss his or her perspective of the workplace issue(s).
  • Opportunity to develop new ways of handling their workplace issue.
  • Opportunity to create an agreement that both parties are satisfied with.

Who are the mediators?

The mediators used by the ADR Office are trained and experienced in mediation skills and bring additional professional skills to the mediation.

Where and when do mediations take place?

Mediation sessions are scheduled at City Hall on the 2nd Floor, Room 201. The session can take place during work hours depending on the schedules of the people involved.

To request mediation or to find out more information you may contact Krista Baca at 505-768-4500 or [email protected]