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Employee Mediation Program FAQs

Employee Mediation most frequently asked questions.


What is Mediation?

Mediation is a means to resolve conflict with the assistance of a mediator(s) in reaching a mutually acceptable agreement. Mediation is confidential, private and respectful.

What is Employee Mediation?

Employee Mediation, through the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Office, is an informal, structured process designed to assist City of Albuquerque employees to discuss workplace issues and develop a more positive and productive workplace environment. Anyone can ask for mediation.

What is a Mediator?

A mediator is a neutral third party who assists individuals in working towards a mutually acceptable solution in their workplace. Mediators used by the ADR Office are trained and experienced in mediation skills and bring additional professional skills to the mediation.

Why choose Mediation?

Mediation offers each participant an:

  • Opportunity for each person to discuss his or her perspective of the workplace issue(s);
  • Opportunity to develop new ways of handling their workplace issue(s);
  • Opportunity to create positive solutions to improve their relationship and their working environment.

What types of disputes can be mediated?

There are three (3) areas of City Employee Mediation,

  • General Employee Mediation – Any employee can request mediation with any other employee(s) or supervisor to address workplace concerns early and constructively;
  • Predetermination Mediation – A supervisor contemplating formal disciplinary action against an employee requests mediation review after giving notice to the employee and before the employee responds to that notice;
  • Grievance Resolution Mediation – Within ten (10) days of becoming aware of a grievable act, an employee contemplating a formal grievance requests mediation review

When and where do mediations take place?

Mediation sessions are scheduled at City Hall on the 2nd floor in room 201.. The sessions can take place during work hours depending on the schedule of the people involved.

How does the mediation process begin?

Call the City of Albuquerque Alternative Dispute Resolution Office at 505-768-4500 (Main Desk). We will answer any questions and determine if mediation can help you resolve your workplace issues. If a City Department referred you, the Alternative Dispute Resolution Office will contact you.

It Works

Research shows people are more satisfied with the result through Mediation and comply with the terms of the agreement because the participants are involved in creating their solutions.