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Medical Respite

Find information about medical respite services at the Gateway Center.

What is Medical Respite?

A space for patients experiencing homelessness to recover from illness or injury, such as a surgery, broken bone, or anything that requires ongoing wound care. Medical respite care prevents unnecessary hospitalizations and can stop a condition from worsening.

Respite patients may stay for up to 60 days and care providers will work on discharging patients into supportive housing. Respite patients will have access to other supportive services at Gateway. 

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A room with people sitting at tables, a nurse at a desk with a doctor talking to them, a medical exam room in the background and someone leaving the exam room on crutches.

Timeline and Other Information

Construction is underway and expected to conclude and the space to open in Winter 2024. Care will be provided by Albuquerque Health Care for the Homeless and First Nations Community HealthSource

A floor plan of a building showing where different rooms will be.


Doug Chaplin
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