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Film Office

Information about the Albuquerque Film Office

Film and TV in Albuquerque has become an important part of the creative economy providing high-paying creative and technical jobs and indirectly benefiting other industries and businesses in Albuquerque. The Albuquerque Film Office supports this rapidly expanding industry serving as a liaison between City agencies, the local community and Film/TV productions. The Albuquerque Film Office provides resources and support to productions, oversees permitting for City property, and ensures its Film and TV guidelines are upheld, maintaining the safety and well-being of Albuquerque and its citizens.

Film Office Staff Contact Information

*for all media inquiries contact Jennifer Esquivel at 505-382-3150 or [email protected]

Amber Dodson, Film Liaison
(505) 768-3278 or [email protected]

Rebecca Cavalier, Film Coordinator
(505) 768-3289 or [email protected]

Santana Garcia, Film Permit Assistant
(505) 768-3283 or [email protected]

Alexandria Argo, Film Office Assistant
(505) 768-3397 or [email protected]