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The CPOA Board is a Nine-Member board appointed by the City Council. Members are appointed for three-year staggered terms and are eligible for reappointment for an additional full term. An initial one-year appointment for staggering purposes does not count as a term for purposes of reappointment.

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Board Member Profiles

Patricia J. French, Chair

Ms. French is a retired City of Albuquerque Employee who spent over 30 years with the Albuquerque Police Department. During her tenure at the Police Department, she served as Records Supervisor and in her final two years with the City as the False Alarm Reduction Supervisor. Ms. French also served on the Public Employees Retirement Association of New Mexico Board (PERA) for many years. She served four years as Chair of the Board. In addition to her service on the PERA Board, Ms. French has been involved in a wide range of community service activities which has included serving on the Rio Grande Credit Union Supervisory Committee, the Brookline College Criminal Justice Program Advisory Committee, First Vice President of the Retired Public Employees of New Mexico and President of American Federation of State, County & Municipal Employees (AFCME) Local 3022.  Known for her commitment to representing the working class, labor, teachers, veterans, the individuals who have paid their debt to society but are still not allowed to vote, Ms. French has served her community well. Ms. French is a leadership expert who has the experience of high-energy to take on challenges presented to her. Ms. French brings unique perspectives gained from her understanding of how policies are created at APD. She was trained to perform internal investigations and has done many through her years with APD. She believes that her knowledge and expertise in reviewing investigations and knowledge of what questions to ask and what to look for are invaluable to the committee.

Email: [email protected]

Term: Appointed 06-07-2021, Expires 02-02-2025

Jesse Crawford, Vice-Chair

Originally from Portland, Oregon, Mr. Crawford moved to New Mexico to attend New Mexico Tech. For the last six years, he has lived in Albuquerque and worked in the technology industry with a background including an MS in Information Security. He is interested in law enforcement and public safety and how they interact with social justice and believes strongly in the value of civilian oversight of law enforcement. Mr. Crawford believes that the Board can contribute positive change in the community by providing transparent, equitable oversight of APD and demonstrating a process of accountability.  Mr. Crawford has an extensive history of involvement in community organizing and volunteerism. He has volunteered with organizations working with the underhoused, poverty eradication groups, and LGBTQIA advocacy organizations.

Email: [email protected]

Term: Appointed 10-04-2021, Expires 02-02-2023

Greg Jackson

Mr. Jackson is currently the owner and Coach of Jackson Wink MMA and Jackson’s MMA Acoma. Mr. Jackson has spent many years as a volunteer teaching police departments around the country how to reduce the need for violent or lethal force and de-escalate interactions. He has developed a unique style, thanks to his expertise in mixed martial arts, that helps officers keep suspects safer while keep themselves safer as well. Mr. Jackson believes his experience and trained eye in this area will make me a crucial asset to the board as we review matters concerning use of force. Mr. Jackson is an active member of our community who steps in and volunteers wherever he feels he can be of service to our community. As an instructor of Mindfulness techniques, he hopes that the unique quality of that skill will be an asset to the Board.

Email: [email protected]

Term: Appointed 06-09-2022, Expires 02-02-2023

Angela Luce

Ms. Luce is currently the owner and founder of Golden Mean Solutions which works with families in New Mexico to address the challenges that are facing most of the families in our state today. Ms. Luce has been working with children and families for more than a decade. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology, specializing in children and families. Over the years, she has studied the dynamics of families across cultures and societies, considering their similarities, differences, and challenges.  As a former Child Abuse Investigator at the New Mexico Children Youth and Families Department (CYFD), Ms. Luce assessed family circumstances for the highest interests of the child(ren), the same standard used in New Mexico Family Court. A key part of this process was meeting with families to understand their communication styles, barriers to communication, and strengths as a family. Ms. Luce currently serves as an American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO) Board Member which is a role that she has been active in for several years. In this capacity as a Board Member she has been an Assistant Regional Commissioner, a tournament director and an onboarding and training administrator for the organization. Her desire to serve our community is a motivator which drives her interest in joining the CPOA Board. With a background ranging from investigations to training and teaching to business and accounting, and everything in between, she has a broad range of knowledge which will be an asset to the Board. As a result of having worked with so many cultures, genders, and socioeconomic groups, she is able to consider and utilize multiple perspectives and act accordingly, all while aiming for impartiality.

Email: Coming soon!

Term: Appointed 10-17-2022, Expires 02-02-2024

Eric Nixon

Mr. Eric Nixon is currently a Project Manager for the Department of Homeland Security. Mr. Nixon's interest in serving comes from having immersed himself in learning about social justice and equity issues that occur in the community. Mr. Nixon has served as a member of the NW Area Command CPC. This experience has given him a background for voting on and advocating the CPC's recommendations regarding policing activities and policy changes at APD. Mr. Nixon is dedicated to performing the tasks of the Board as a resolute Board Member and impartial voice intent on finding the best solutions for ensuring APD integrity and accountability. 

Email: [email protected] 

Term: Appointed 03-12-2020, Expires 02-02-2024

Rashad Raynor

Mr. Raynor is currently employed at Sandia National Laboratories as an electrical engineer. Like most engineers, he has a strong analytical and detailed mind which he feels will be a valuable asset to this board.  The primary reason Mr. Raynor is seeking to serve on this Board is because he believes this type of service to our community will have a healing effect on all of us who live here. His desire to serve on the CPOA Board has its roots in a desire to provide a safer environment for his children, but he feels that it is something that he wants to see for everyone, and we should not have to wait until some distant time in the future to realize this dream.  He believes that ethical policing is in critical need, and the partnership between citizens and law enforcement is a way of bringing about real change in law enforcement. It is his hope that the CPOA Board can bridge that gap and be an impartial judge that tries to find the truth that lies somewhere in the middle. Mr. Raynor's ideas regarding a successfully functioning Board are further complemented by his years of service to the community as President of the NAACP Youth Chapter for the Southwest Region, Graduate Student Aide for Advancement of Adolescent Girls in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) as well as the STEM Ambassador for Sandia Labs.

Email: [email protected]

Term: Appointed 06-09-2022, Expires 02-02-2024

Michael Wartell

Mr. Michael Wartell is a retired professor and university administrator who has spent several years as a successful administrator. In addition to serving in numerous University and College leadership positions, he has held the position of Dean of the School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics at Slippery Rock University, Dean of the College of Letters and Sciences at James Madison University, and provost and vice president of academic affairs at Humboldt State University. During Mr. Wartell's final tenure as an administrator, he successfully led Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne through two successful five-year strategic plans that increased enrollment, saw the completion of new facilities, and grew the budget by convincing the state legislature of its importance.  As a community leader, Mr. Wartell has been a member of several boards, including the City of Albuquerque Labor Management Relations Board, the Bernalillo County Protest Board, and the Bernalillo County Detention Facility Management Oversight Board. He has also served on numerous non-profit boards in addition to these. Mr.Wartell would like to bring to the CPOA Board methods for fostering trust between the community and the Albuquerque Police Department. He is aware that this approach can be achieved through organizational transparency, professionalism, and knowledge that training deficiencies and inconsistencies in the criminal justice system all contribute towards increasing the gap between the community and law enforcement.

Email: [email protected]

Term: Appointed 03-07-2022, Expires 02-02-2025



Term: Expired 02-02-2022


Term: Expires 02-02-2023

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