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Contacting CPOA Board Members

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The CPOA Board is a Nine-Member board appointed by the City Council. Members are appointed for three-year staggered terms and are eligible for reappointment for an additional full term. An initial one-year appointment for staggering purposes does not count as a term for purposes of reappointment.

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Board Member Profiles

Eric Olivas, Chair

Mr. Eric Olivas currently owns and manages his own landscaping business and a real estate investment business. Mr. Olivas’ education includes a B.S. in Biology and Chemistry and a M.S. in Biology from the University of New Mexico. Mr. Olivas was the Chairman of the Northeast Community Policing Council prior to joining the CPOAB. His other community work includes serving on the Quigley Park Neighborhood Association Board. Mr. Olivas is an avid runner, hiker, backpacker and enjoys spending time with his family and dog. Mr. Olivas’ interest in serving on the Board comes from his experience with the NE CPC and his belief that the City needs an adaptive and responsive police force focused on constitutional community policing, that includes strong Civilian Police Oversight. Civilian Police Oversight must be efficient, transparent, and place an emphasis on policy analysis and policy improvement to affect systemic training deficits and cultural problems within the police department.

Email: [email protected]

Term: Appointed 06-14-2019, Expires 02-02-2024

Chantal M. Galloway, Vice-Chair

Ms. Chantal M. Galloway is currently a Vice-President of Business Services. Ms. Galloway holds a BBA from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, as well as an MBA from the University of New Mexico. Ms. Galloway's interest in serving the Police Oversight Board comes from her desire to be active and serve her community. Ms. Galloway has a background with for-profit and non-profit organizations and hopes to bring her skills of obtaining outcomes wherein vested partied have their concerns or opinions heard and acted upon.

Email: [email protected] 

Term: Appointed 02-04-2019, Expires 02-02-2022

Tara Armijo-Prewitt

Ms. Tara Armijo-Prewitt grew up in Albuquerque, graduated from Albuquerque High School, and graduated with honors with a B.S. in Biology from the University of New Mexico before attending graduate school at the University of California Davis, where she earned an M.S. in Entomology. Ms. Armijo-Prewitt is currently working for Catholic Charities of NM in the Center for Educational Opportunities. Ms. Armijo-Prewitt's interest in serving on the CPOA Board comes from her desire to be an engaged citizen and to contribute to the improvement of her community.

Email: [email protected]

Term: Appointed 06-14-2019, Expires 02-02-2022

Dr. William J. Kass

Dr. William J. Kass is currently a retired physical scientist. As a private citizen, he has been active in following Albuquerque Police Department reform efforts for nearly five years. He has met with victim's family members; attended meetings with the Department of Justice, the Independent Monitor Team, the City of Albuquerque Council, the Mayor's Initiative, the Police Oversight Task Force and former and current versions of the Police Oversight Board. He has also attended several area Community Policing Councils. His interests are primarily in policy and community outreach. He serves as the chair of Policy and Procedure Review Committee and is a member of the Community Outreach subcommittee. He believes that police policy is public policy and the community should have a voice in creating that policy. That can only be done if the community is informed and engaged and Albuquerque Police Department responds positively to their concerns.

Email: [email protected]

Term: Appointed 02-03-2020, Expires 02-02-2023

Douglas (Doug) Mitchell

Mr. Douglas Mitchell is retired after a long career working in the Juvenile Justice System in Albuquerque and New Mexico. Mr. Mitchell's interest in serving comes from being a life long resident of Albuquerque and wants to contribute to assure that the City thrives. He understands the Police Department has to reflect the values the community represents and wants to move that forward. He believes his years of experience working within the judicial, legislative, and executive branches of government would be an asset to the CPOA Board. Mr. Mitchell has Bachelor's of Arts, Social Science and Master of Arts, Public Administration from UNM. 

Email: [email protected]

Term: Appointed 02-03-2020, Expires 02-02-2023

Eric Nixon

Mr. Eric Nixon is currently a Project Manager for the Department of Homeland Security. Mr. Nixon's interest in serving comes from having immersed himself in learning about social justice and equity issues that occur in the community. Mr. Nixon has served as a member of the NW Area Command CPC. This experience has given him a background for voting on and advocating the CPC's recommendations regarding policing activities and policy changes at APD. Mr. Nixon is dedicated to performing the tasks of the Board as a resolute Board Member and impartial voice intent on finding the best solutions for ensuring APD integrity and accountability. 

Email: [email protected] 

Term: Appointed 03-12-2020, Expires 02-02-2024

Richard Johnson

As an active community leader, Mr. Johnson has worked through his ministry helping to feed the food insecure residents of Albuquerque. Mr. Johnson has also helped people with their drug addictions by providing counseling and help with other issues in the hope of breaking the cycle of addiction. Mr. Johnson spends time during the day of his working hours in contact with people who are at higher risk of experiencing interactions with law enforcement.

Email: [email protected]

Term: Appointed 04-19-2021, Expires 02-02-2024

Gionne N. Ralph

Ms. Ralph is an active community member with a broad range of service to our City. This range has included serving as a Volunteer Police Chaplin with the Albuquerque Police Department, working with the New Mexico Martin Luther King Jr. Commission as an Events Coordinator and also serving as a Foster Parent to a young person who was being treated at Desert Hills Behavioral Health Facility which provides treatment for children and adolescents who have been struggling with substance abuse. Ms. Ralph feels that she can be fair and unbiased on the Board if appointed since after serving as a Chaplain for over 10 years has afforded her the unique opportunity to see both sides of law enforcement and the citizens that are at that moment both facing unwanted situations.

Email: [email protected]

Term: Appointed 04-19-2021, Expires 02-02-2023

Vacant Board Member Position

Expires 02-02-2022


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