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Polcie Oversight Board Member Profiles

Read about the current POB Members and how they make a difference in our community.

Contacting POB Board Members

Contact all current members of the Police Oversight Board by sending an email to: [email protected]

The Police Oversight Board (POB) is a Nine-Member board appointed by the City Council. Members are appointed for three-year staggered terms and are eligible for reappointment for an additional full term. An initial one-year appointment for staggering purposes does not count as a term for purposes of reappointment.

Download the 2017 Police Oversight Board Meeting Schedule.

Board Member Profiles

Joanne Fine, Chair

Ms. Joanne Fine has been a member of the Police Oversight Board since 2015. She has served as a member of the Albuquerque Police Department Public Safety Partnership for several years which worked on creating partnerships between the community and Albuquerque Police Department. Ms. Fine also served as Project Director for developing and opening the Family Advocacy Center which is a partnership between Albuquerque Police Department and United Way that serves victims of interpersonal violence. Her experience in developing the Family Advocacy Center provided her with the opportunity to work with human service providers, the courts, the DA's office, underserved communities, and law enforcement, which can be an asset to the Police Oversight Board.

Email: [email protected]

Term: Appointed Feb. 2, 2015, Expires Feb. 2, 2020.

Valerie St. John, Vice Chair

Ms. Valerie St. John is currently self employed with V. St. John Investigations, performing pre-employment background checks, contract work for an immigration and self defense attorney, among other legal and investigative duties. Ms. St. John previously worked in the District Attorney's Office as a Prosecution Assistant. Ms. St. John's community activities have included serving as President of Spruce Park Neighborhood Association, volunteering at Catholic Charities, and membership of the Cesar Chavez Committee.

Email: [email protected]

Term: Appointed June 19, 2017, Expires Feb. 2, 2019

Leonard Waites

Mr. Leonard Waites is a lifelong resident of Albuquerque which drives his interest in serving on the Police Oversight Board. Mr. Waites wants to ensure the safety of the City and assist in making the Police Oversight Board a fair and impartial system for the citizens of Albuquerque and the Albuquerque Police Department. Mr. Waites is a member of the NAACP and previously served on the Police Oversight Task Force. His areas of interest include mending the relationship between the community and police department and building a relationship between the Board and Chief of Police, as it will be important to correcting and implementing policies and procedures.

Email: [email protected]

Term: Appointed Jan. 17, 2018, Expires Feb. 2, 2021.

Susanne B. Brown

Susanne Brown has always been interested in working on ways to help children maximize their potential as well as working for a more just and less violent world.

Email: [email protected]

Term: Appointed April 20, 2015, Expires Feb. 2, 2018.

Johnny J. Armijo

Mr. Johnny J. Armijo is currently the Special Projects Coordinator/Manager at the Bernalillo County Housing Department. Mr. Armijo's interest in serving on the Police Oversight Board comes from his 42 years of social service experience and interest in working with communities and families. Mr. Armijo's experience is wide ranged and partly includes: Various capacities within Youth Development, Inc; State of Utah, Department of Youth Corrections; Minority Human Service Training Program; Salt Lake County Mental Health; Bernalillo County Parks and Recreation Department; Bernalillo County Housing Department. Other volunteer community work includes current President of the Towers Home Owners Association, Past Chair of the Albuquerque Partnership, past Chair of the Albuquerque/Bernalillo County DWI Planning Council. During his career, he has received a multitude of awards and special recognition for his community work.

Email: [email protected]

Term: Appointed Jan. 17, 2018, Expires Feb. 2, 2018.

Eric H. Cruz

Mr. Eric Cruz is currently the Acquisition Program Manager at Kirtland Air Force Base. Mr. Cruz's unique set of knowledge, skills, and abilities can be an asset to the Police Oversight Board. They include: program management experience of setting and executing goals, working in a government setting, working with a team to achieve common goals, working in groups with dissenting opinions, education and training in leadership and communication skills. He is a resident of an area of Albuquerque that has high police activity.

Email: [email protected]

Term: Appointed Feb. 2, 2015, Expires Feb. 2, 2019.

Rev. Dr. David Z. Ring III

Dr. David Z. Ring Ill is a retired Pastor from United Methodist Church and a retired Electrical Engineer from Sandia National Labs. Dr. Ring Ill is a former Police Chaplin in Odessa, TX and Los Alamos, NM and upon returning to Albuquerque, he wanted to be involved in serving the City and Albuquerque Police Department. Dr. Ring Ill believes the Police Oversight Board presents a unique opportunity to serve his community in a new and challenging way.

Email: [email protected]

Term: Appointed Feb. 2, 2015, Expires Feb. 2, 2020.

Dr. William J. Kass

Dr. William J. Kass is currently a retired physical scientist. As a private citizen, he has been active in following Albuquerque Police Department reform efforts for nearly five years. He has met with victim's family members; attended meetings with the Department of Justice, the Independent Monitor Team, the City of Albuquerque Council, the Mayor's Initiative, the Police Oversight Task Force and former and current versions of the Police Oversight Board. He has also attended several area Community Policing Councils. His interests are primarily in policy and community outreach. He serves as the chair of Policy and Procedure Review Committee and is a member of the Community Outreach subcommittee. He believes that police policy is public policy and the community should have a voice in creating that policy. That can only be done if the community is informed and engaged and Albuquerque Police Department responds positively to their concerns.

Email: [email protected]

Term: Appointed June 19, 2017, Expires Feb. 2, 2020.

Chantal M. Galloway

Ms. Chantal M. Galloway is currently a Vice-President of Business Services. Ms. Galloway holds a BBA from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, as well as an MBA from the University of New Mexico. Ms. Galloway's interest in serving the Police Oversight Board comes from her desire to be active and serve her community. Ms. Galloway has a background with for-profit and non-profit organizations and hopes to bring her skills of obtaining outcomes wherein vested partied have their concerns or opinions heard and acted upon.

Email: [email protected] Term: Appointed Nov. 3, 2017, Expires Feb. 2, 2019.