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Updates on Planning and Zoning Related Legislation

Below is a list of planning-related items that will be heard at full Council in the coming weeks.

District Specific Legislation

District 2

  • R-16-49 | If adopted, R-16-49 would designate a new Metropolitan Redevelopment Area to be called the North Corridor. The area is bounded by Granite Avenue on the south, the railroad tracks on the east, typically one property deep on the west side of 4th Street, and the commercial properties that line Montaño Road. There are additional commercial properties included at the intersections of major roads with 4th Street and along 4th Street to the northern City limits. The purpose of designating a place as a Metropolitan Redevelopment Area is to identify distressed areas of the City in which the City’s Metropolitan Redevelopment Agency department may spur redevelopment through public/private partnerships, federal funding initiatives, and community outreach. This will be heard at the June 16th LUPZ meeting. If the North Corridor MR Area is designated, a community effort to develop a Metropolitan Redevelopment Plan for the area will follow.
  • R-16-50 | If adopted, R-16-50 would amend FS/R-88-404, which established policy stating that traffic signals shall be installed between major intersections on Coal St. and Lead St. from Oak St. to Washington St. The amendment would add the segment of Broadway Blvd to Locust St. to the boundary area. The resolution would also direct the City to install a traffic signal at the intersection of Coal Ave. and Walter St and Lead Ave and Walter St. This will be heard at the June 16th LUPZ meeting.

Other Council-related Projects

ABC-Z Project (Comprehensive Plan update and Integrated Development Ordinance)

Albuquerque/Bernalillo County Comprehensive Plan

An early draft of proposed updates to the Comprehensive Plan was posted on in January 2015 for review and discussion.  Since then, the project team has continued to refine and consolidate policies, strengthen connections across chapters, and incorporate photos and graphics.  A revised draft of the comp plan has been published and is available on the project website. Comments may be submitted via or email [email protected].

Albuquerque’s Integrated Development Ordinance (IDO)

Module 2 of the IDO has been published! The IDO will replace the City’s zoning code, subdivision ordinance, and other land use regulations.  It is being drafted in three modules.  After incorporating comments collected after each module, a full draft with revisions will be released for review and discussion in Fall 2016.

  • Module 1:  Zones and uses – See draft on for review and comment. 
  • Module 2:  Dimensional standards (building heights, setbacks, landscaping, parking requirements, etc.) – Module 2 is now available on the project website.
  • Module 3:  Required review and approval processes for development – expected Summer 2016.

The project team has released an interactive Zoning Conversion Map. This map allows the user to look, parcel by parcel, at the existing and proposed zoning of a particular lot. The public can comment on a particular parcel to let the team know if the proposed zoning is appropriate or not. The map can be found here:

Public meetings on Module 2 are scheduled for May 2016 to provide a general overview.  Follow-up meetings by topic will be scheduled over the summer.

  • Monday, May 9
    • 1:30-3 pm: Plaza del Sol, Basement Hearing Room, 600 2nd St. NW
    • 6-7:30 pm:  Patrick J. Baca Library (Central/Unser), 8081 Central Ave. NW
  • Tuesday, May 10
    • 6-7:30 pm: Don Newton/Taylor Ranch Community Center, 4900 Kachina St. NW
  • Monday, May 16
    • 1:30-3 pm: Plaza del Sol, Basement Hearing Room, 600 2nd St. NW
    • 6-7:30 pm:  North Domingo Baca Multigenerational Center, 7521 Carmel Ave. NE
  • Tuesday, May 17
    • 6-7:30 pm:  Manzano Mesa Multigenerational Center, 501 Elizabeth St. SE

Relevant Meeting Dates, Times, and Locations

City Council Meeting

May 16, 2016 | 5:00pm | Vincent E. Griego Chambers - Albuquerque/Bernalillo County Government Center

Land Use, Planning, and Zoning Committee (LUPZ)

June 16, 2016 | 5:00pm | Council Committee Room - 9th Floor, Suite 9081

ABC-Z Public Meetings

See schedule above