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Upcoming City Council Meetings Will Be Virtual on Zoom

Three remaining meetings of calendar year 2022 will be held virtually.

November 8, 2022

At last night’s City Council Meeting, Council President Isaac Benton announced that the next three City Council Meetings, scheduled for November 21, December 5, and December 19 will be held virtually on Zoom.

“We’ve shown that we can effectively conduct Council meetings virtually, including our interactions with the Administration, Council staff, and public comment,” said Benton. “With the holidays approaching, it will be helpful to many families to have the flexibility of these three meetings on a virtual platform. Additionally, the health threat of a “Tripledemic” of RSV, Flu, and COVID has been widely reported. As President, I’ve decided to continue Council business during the holiday season without unnecessary risks or interruptions.”

The upcoming City Council Meetings will begin at 5:00 PM and will be held on Zoom Webinar. The agendas for the meetings will be posted on the City Council website on the Friday afternoon before the scheduled meeting at: The Council will take virtual general public comment and comment on the meeting’s specific agenda items via Zoom. The public comment sign-up form will also be posted to City Council website on the Friday afternoons with the meeting agenda.  

Members of the public will have the ability to view the meeting through Zoom Webinar, GOVTV on Comcast Channel 16 or to stream live on the GOVTV website at, or on YouTube. The GOVTV live stream can be accessed at these addresses from most smartphones, tablets, or computers.