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City Councilors Introduce Memorial to Reaffirm City’s Status as an “Immigrant Friendly City”

Council President Isaac Benton and Councilors Klarissa Peña, Pat Davis, and Diane Gibson are co-sponsors of the Memorial

At Monday’s City Council Meeting, Albuquerque City Council President Isaac Benton and Councilors Klarissa Peña, Pat Davis, and Diane Gibson will introduce a memorial to reaffirm the City of Albuquerque’s status as an “Immigrant Friendly City.”

Since Election Day in November, there has been a sense of uncertainty and fear among communities across the nation, especially in Albuquerque. This memorial aims to reassure our vulnerable communities that the City of Albuquerque supports them and will maintain and improve their quality of life with no tolerance for hate, discrimination, bullying, or harassment.

In December of 2000, the City Council passed R-00-151, which declared Albuquerque as an “Immigrant Friendly City” and established policy for the City to treat all persons with respect and dignity regardless of their immigration status, ensure that immigrants who live in the City limits have access to City services and programs, and instruct the Albuquerque Police Department to not enforce Federal Immigration laws. This Memorial, commits to continuing the policies and statements established under R-00-151.

“After numerous conversations with community members about the fear and anxiety for themselves and their families, we thought it was important to reassure them we are here to support and protect them because they are taxpayers and contributing members of our community; regardless of their status, color, religion, gender, orientation, or disability” said City Councilor Klarissa Peña.

City Council President Isaac Benton continued, “Our City is historically diverse and we welcome and encourage immigrants to live, work, and study in Albuquerque because they contribute to our shared culture and economy.”

The Memorial will be introduced at the February 6th City Council Meeting, then be on the Agenda for Final Action at the February 22nd City Council Meeting.