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Albuquerque Civilian Police Oversight Advisory Board Application

Apply today for the Civilian Police Oversight Advisory Board.

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Documents attached to this application:

Applicants will be evaluated against the minimum qualifications and other criteria as described in the Police Oversight Ordinance.

CPOA Board members are intended to represent the diversity and demographics of the City by way of, including but not limited to, cultural, gender and geographic diversity.

In evaluating your application, staff may request additional information and/or an interview as part of the evaluation process.

About Optional Questions

Some questions in this application labeled as "optional" are not required, but responses would be helpful in evaluating your application against these criteria.

Personal Information
Age Optional.

Ethnicity Optional.

Law Enforcement Background
Have you ever been employed in a law enforcement capacity?  

Contact Information
Police Oversight Board Questionnaire

For the following questions, please review in detail the Police Oversight Ordinance.

characters remaining
General Questionnaire
Additional Material
Personal References
Please provide names and contact information for three people who know you in either a personal or professional capacity and who could provide us with an objective assessment of your skills and abilities.