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ABQ Data Releases ReadMe Files

Maintenance plan for ABQ Data includes regular updates to ReadMe files.

ABQ Data

The City of Albuquerque has posted 30 sets of data online for free, accessible use by the public. Each data set is saved in a computer-readable file and is accompanied by a metadata file which explains the source and parameters of the data. When changes are made to a data set or to a metadata file, those changes are documented in the ReadMe file.


When any information changes within a data set or metadata file, those changes are documented in an accompanying ReadMe file. This week, the City updated these ReadMe files to reflect recent changes and updates.

Apps Contest

Use data sets from ABQ Data to create a new app. The City is hosting an Apps Competition, open to anyone who lives or studies in Albuquerque, with a prize purse of $30,000 to be split among the contest winners. Apps entered in this competition must include at least one data set from ABQ Data. Deadline to enter is Oct. 22, 2012. Read more about the Apps Competition.