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Special Interest Vehicle Recognition Program

Cultivating responsible special interest vehicle club activities and events that promote the City’s cultural heritage and cultural tourism industry.

Special Interest Vehicle Program Goals

The following goals were developed in alignment with R-18-66 which directed the Cultural Services Department to develop a Special Interest Vehicle Recognition Program. 

  • Establish a recognition program to promote special interest vehicle solo rider and club activities on public streets and public spaces in a way that improves public safety, facilitates more efficient traffic flow, and supports economic activities associated with cruising, special interest vehicle enthusiasm, and cultural tourism
  • Offer special interest vehicle solo riders and clubs the opportunity to display stickers, patches, and/or toppers to validate their support from the City and increase the visibility of their activities
  • Complement the City’s special events permitting process by providing standards for organizing, promoting, attending, and operating special interest vehicle club events
  • Support local minority-owned vendors by directly connecting them with solo riders and clubs ordering their recognition accessories such as stickers, patches, and toppers

Special Interest Vehicles include, but are not limited to: lowriders, classic cars, cruisers and other motor vehicles affiliated with cruising culture.

Application Process

City Council, Cultural Services, and APD staff have proposed the following application process for solo riders and clubs wanting to be recognized by the City of Albuquerque.

  1. Complete either the Solo Special Interest Vehicle Recognition Form or the Special Interest Vehicle Club Recognition Form and submit to designated Cultural Services Department staff member. The Recognition Form asks applicants for their license plate numbers, background information on how their clubs were established, where they like to operate their vehicles, their main contact information, and how the City could support their efforts and initiatives.
  2. Provide designated Cultural Services Department staff member with contact information.
  3. Acquire signature approval from the City Council President and Cultural Services Director.
  4. Receive Special Interest Vehicle Certificate from the Cultural Services Department.

Register a Solo Operator Register a Club

Recognition Accessories

City Council, Cultural Services, and APD staff have identified the following set of accessories that recognized solo riders and clubs could furnish upon the approval of their application.

  • Stickers (Complementary): This would be distributed to every registered Special Interest Vehicle solo rider and club to be placed on their vehicles.
  • Toppers (Optional): After being recognized, solo riders and clubs will have the option to be directly connected with a local third-party vendor to purchase one or a collection of toppers to place on their vehicles after being recognized.
  • Patch (Optional): Recognized solo riders and clubs will have the option to purchase a patch or collection of patches to put on their jackets. This should cost around $5 to produce and should also be sent to a local third-party vendor.

Recognition Benefits

  • Official listed in City of Albuquerque Registry for Special Interest Vehicle Solo Operators or Clubs.
  • Advance notice to register for Route 66 Summerfest’s Old Route 66 Car Show in Nob Hill.
  • Exclusive invitation to annual City of Albuquerque celebration of Special Interest Vehicles and Clubs.