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Advanced Map Viewer User Guide

Quick start and help for using the Advanced Map Viewer from ABQMaps.


In-Application Help

Geocortex Help Icon Help is available from the Advanced Map Viewer by clicking on the Help Icon.

Full Help

See the full help instructions for information on how to use each element of the interface, and each tool in the toolbar.

Quick Start

  • (A) List of map layers that can be turned on and off. Note the transparency sliders (E)
  • (B) The Toolbar - navigation, search, drawing, and other tools. Note the tabs across the top that give you access to more tools.
  • (C) Map area. By default a street basemap from a commercial vendor is drawn here. It can be turned off in the layer list.
  • (D) Global Search - you can do a quick search here for some features - like parks, UPC, and public facilities
  • (F) Toggle the Legend on. Also look to this area to switch between the layer list, search, results, and other activities.
  • (G) Switch between different basemaps

Geocortex Startup Screen Help


The "I want to..." menu

In the upper left of the map allows access to some of the most important tasks, including the Address Query and the new "Find a Feature" tool which replaces the old Map Searches/Queries function on the old website.

I Want To Menu Geocortex


Address Query

  1. From the "I want to..." menu select "Address Query
  2. Enter the street number and name
  3. You can also enter a street intersection in the street name box by separating the street names with & or /. For example: Central / Rio Grande
  4. Choose the best selection from the list of results

Find a Feature

This function improves on the map searches and queries found on our old site

  1. From the "I want to..." menu select "Find a Feature"
  2. Chose a map layer to search in the "Select a layer..." dropdown menu
  3. The results box will list all the features available in that layer
  4. Use the "Narrow the list of values" box to enter in a keyword. For example, to find all City pools first choose the "Public Facilities" layer, then type the word pool into the keyword box.
  5. Click on the desired result to zoom to the feature

How to use the Results

Once you have done a search that returns results (such as an Address Query) you can interact with the results to get more information.

  • To highlight the returned feature, hover your cursor over the result in the Results Pane,

How to use the results panel - hover to highlight feature

  • To zoom to and highlight the returned feature, click in the empty space to the right of the text in the Results Pane. This can be a bit tricky - make sure your cursur looks like the normal pointer, not the hand or insert bar.

How to use the results pane - click to zoom to feature

  • To open the attribute window and hightlight the feature, click on the title of the result in the Results Pane.

How to use the results pane - click on title to open attribute window

  • You can also click on the links embedded in the results to get more information. For example the Zoning layer has links to the zoning code categories, and the Zone Grid layer has a link to the Zone Atlas Map in PDF format for that zone page.

Other functions