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Gender Pay Equity Initiative Forms & Instructions

Information about the City of Albuquerque's Gender Pay Equity Initiative.

To comply with section 5-5-31 of the Municipal Code, all businesses submitting bids or proposals must include a signed Pay Equity Reporting Form with their bid or proposal. To complete the Pay Equity Reporting Form, vendors must download the Pay Equity Employee Data Form (link below) and fill in the first tab. Results will appear in the third tab, which should then be signed and submitted as part of each vendors bid or proposal packet. Note: only the third tab of the spreadsheet should be submitted. Each Pay Equity Reporting Form is valid for one year from the date it is signed. This form is in accordance with the New Mexico State Fair Pay for Women Act.

To promote gender pay equity, the City gives a 5% preference to companies (during the bid and proposal process) that pay men and women equitably. To be eligible for the preference, businesses must obtain a Pay Equity Certificate from the Gender Pay Equity Initiative, which proves the difference between the pay of men and women in comparable positions is less than 7%.