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Efficiency, Stewardship & Accountability

How to Report a Tip

Team Efficiency Bonus

City of Albuquerque employees who suggest money-saving ideas are eligible for the Team Efficiency Bonus. The City's Efficiency Advisory Committee will review suggestions for viability and cost savings.

Employees who submit cost-saving efficiency ideas are eligible for a team bonus of up to $1,000 value.

How to Apply

To apply for a Team Efficiency Bonus of up to $1,000 value, send your cost-savings ideas to [email protected] or complete the Tip & Reporting Form.

The City of Albuquerque is encouraging employees, vendors, contractors and residents to voice their ideas. Investigators need your tips and concerns to help curb abuse, fraud and waste. Your help could save the City money, time and valuable resources.

ESA holds each City employee accountable to Albuquerque residents. ESA Hotlines and the ESA Reporting Form allow honest stewards to make City Hall more efficient and effective and free of fraud.

Reporting to ESA

The ESA program accepts two types of reports: tips for Efficiency, and tips for Stewardship & Accountability.

  • Efficiency — Report how the City of Albuquerque can save money, be more effective, improve processes and provide better services.
  • Stewardship & Accountability — Report ethical concerns or suspected illegal activities, such as fraud, corruption, theft, waste or misuse of City resources.

ESA & Whistleblower Protections

Stewardship & Accountability tips submitted through the ESA program are protected under the Whistleblower Ordinance.

Anonymous tips of fraud, abuse, corruption and other wrongdoing are kept anonymous to the extent allowed by law.

The Inspector General works to protect the identities of tipsters who wish to remain anonymous. Under the Whistleblower Ordinance, City employees who report tips are provided protection against retaliation.

Video: ESA Program