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About the Citizen Police Complaint Process

The Citizen Police Complaint Process Pursuant to Amended Police Oversight Ordinance:

  1. A person may file a Complaint against the Albuquerque Police Department (APD), via the internet or in writing.
  2. The Administrative Office of the Civilian Police Oversight Agency (Administrative Office) will open a case and assign it to an investigator. The assigned investigator will interview witnesses, obtain evidence, and interview the APD officers involved.
  3. The Administrative Office will mediate Complaints, whenever appropriate and agreed upon by the parties.
  4. If the Complaint is not mediated, the Administrative Office Investigators will conduct a full investigation.
  5. Once the investigation of the Complaint is completed, the Executive Director of the Administrative Office will review the Complaint and results of the investigation to determine if there are any violations of Albuquerque Police Department Standard Operating Procedures. Standard Operating Procedures are the Police Department's rules regulating police and employee actions and conduct.
  6. The Executive Director of the Administrative Office will draft a letter to the person who filed the Complaint indicting her conclusions and findings.
  7. The members of the Police Oversight Board (POB) will review the Complaint and approve the Executive Director's findings and conclusions.
  8. After the POB has approved the Executive Director's findings, the Administrative Office will send the findings to the person who filed the Complaint via Certified Mail and to the Albuquerque Police Department.
  9. The person who filed the Complainant may appeal the POB's findings.
  10. The Chief of Police has sole authority to impose discipline to an Albuquerque Police Department employee for violations of the Albuquerque Police Department Standard Operating Procedures. The Civilian Police Oversight Agency does not impose discipline.
  11. The Civilian Police Oversight Agency does not conduct criminal investigations.

Online Police Misconduct Complaint Form

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Complaints may be submitted anonymously or on behalf of another person.
Please note that if we do not have a way to contact you, we will not be able to collect any more information concerning your complaint from you.
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Background Information Note

The Department of Justice and the City of Albuquerque are requesting this information for statistical purposes. It is optional to answer these background questions.

If you would prefer not to answer any or all of the background questions, it will not affect in any manner the steps our Agency will take to conduct a professional investigation into your Complaint.


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Community Mediation
Community Mediation is a way for individuals to resolve their disputes together with the police and to gain mutual understanding of the situation. The citizen and police officer, with the assistance of a neutral mediator, identify issues for discussion and explore possible resolutions. Both the citizen and the police officer must agree to mediation. The mediation process requires open and honest communication in order to succeed. If your complaint is suitable and is accepted for mediation, no further investigation will take place into the incident and no discipline will be imposed against the officer or officers involved. The mediator may write out a summary or agreement at the end of the mediation to confirm what the parties agreed to.
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