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Report Misconduct by Albuquerque Police Department

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Reporting Crime

Do not use this form to report a crime or make a police report.

To Report a Crime Please Call:

  • Emergency: 911
  • Non-Emergency: (505) 242-2677

File a complaint of police misconduct to the Civilian Police Oversight Agency.

At the bottom of the form is an Electronic Signature form which constitutes your legal signature.  Please electronically sign your complaint.

File a Police Report by Telephone For information about the type of police reports which may be accepted by phone and to file a telephone report please visit this link.

File an Online Police Report
For information about the type of police reports which may be filed online and to file an online police report please visit this link.

    File a Report of Police Misconduct by filing out the form on line below or printing a form from the link and mailing it to the address on the form or faxing it to (505) 924-3775.

    Online Police Misconduct Complaint Form

    Contact Information
    Including City and ZIP Code
    Background Information

    Background Information Note

    This particular information will not become part of your complaint. The Albuquerque Police Department is requesting this information for statistical purposes only.

    The information contained on this form may be incorporated into the Internal Affairs Quarterly and Yearly Reports. It also may be used to conduct studies or respond to surveys.

    / /
    Optional: What is your ethnic background? May select more than one.

    Complaint Information
    Please include names of those involved, including officers - if known, and a detailed description of the incident. Make sure to let us know where the incident happened. Please include your email address as well. Thank you.
    What date and time did this incident happen?
    / / :
    Please provide: Name, Address, Telephone Number, and Email address.
    Community Mediation
    Community Mediation is a way for individuals to resolve their disputes together with the police and to gain mutual understanding of the situation. The citizen and police officer, with the assistance of a neutral mediator, identify issues for discussion and explore possible resolutions. Both the citizen and the police officer must agree to mediation. The mediation process requires open and honest communication in order to succeed. If your complaint is suitable and is accepted for mediation, no further investigation will take place into the incident and no discipline will be imposed against the officer or officers involved. The mediator may write out a summary or agreement at the end of the mediation to confirm what the parties agreed to.

    Electronic Signature
    By entering your full legal name and today's date, you are are creating an electronic signature and you are affirming that all statements above are true and correct. I understand that I may be required to appear in the Independent Review Office or the Internal Affairs Office for further interview or to provide other investigative assistance as necessary.
    Type your full legal name in ALL CAPS.
    Please enter today's date.
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