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Information about the City Clerk's Office.

The Office of the City Clerk serves the needs of the public by maintaining the official records of the City, by conducting City elections and by enacting all City legislation.

City Clerk's Office

The City Clerk is the Chief Records Custodian for the City of Albuquerque and processes requests for public records pursuant to the New Mexico Inspection of Public Records Act.

The Office of the City Clerk is also responsible for accepting all non-electronic bids from the general public in response to requests from the Departments of Municipal Development and Purchasing.

The Clerk and her staff are honored to assist citizens and fellow public servants in all aspects of the office.

Board of Ethics

The Office of the Clerk staffs the Board of Ethics and Campaign Practices. The Board oversees the City Charter Articles pertinent to municipal elections, including the Open and Ethical Elections Code, the Election Code and the Code of Ethics.



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Natalie Howard

City Clerk

Office of the City Clerk

(505) 924-3650