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About Our Photos

We are pleased to celebrate the color and diversity of Albuquerque through the variety of photos displayed on our website. Many of the photos on this website were donated by local photographers and tourists. The City of Albuquerque is proud that such talented photographers are recording the face of our city.

A Community of Photographers

The following photographers have contributed images to the community pool used for our banner image on Click on an image below to see the full size version on the photographer's personal website.

Alex Marentes

Plaza old town Store in old town

Visit Alex Marentes' photography site.

Dave Evans

Rio Grande 10-25-05 (8) Fall on the Rio Grande Bosque (1) Sandia Crest View of Sandia Mts from Albuquerque's West Mesa

Visit Dave Evans' photography site.

David Teter

Kiwanis Cabin above Albuquerque, New Mexico

Visit David Teter's photography site.

Joel D. Lusk

Chile ristra display

Visit Joel D. Lusk's photography site.

Luis Diaz-Santana

Sunset, Sandia Peak

Visit Luis Diaz-Santana's photography site.

Marble Street Studio

bosque-marblestreet.jpg orange-marblestreet.jpg downtown-marblestreet.jpg purple-city-marblestreet.jpg

Marble Street Studio has been long-time photographer for the City of Albuquerque and has generously donated many photos for use on our website. Visit the Marble Street Studio website.

Marc Gutierrez

Soulless Riders The Scientist Agave Shadows Albuquerque Aquarium Catch Me If You Can

Visit Marc Gutierrez's photography site.

Mark Bixby

RR by Mark Bixby RR by Mark Bixby


Nathaniel Paolinelli

A photo by Nathaniel Paolinelli  of Route 66 at night featuring businesses.

Visit Nathaniel Paolinelli's photography site.

Ron Jardine

Snows Melting

Visit Ron Jardine's photography site.