Publicly Financed Candidates - General Information

General Information for candidates of elected office seeking public financing.

General Information

Participating Candidates receive their financing via a transfer of funds from the Open and Ethical Elections fund initiated by the City of Albuquerque Treasury Division once the City Clerk qualifies the Applicant Candidates as Participating Candidate.

Participating Candidates also must file Campaign Financing Reports as required by the Election Code disclosing their expenditures and In-Kind Contributions. Those reports are filed electronically and due pursuant to the deadlines in the City Charter Elections Code.

Unopposed Candidates

The City Clerk will notify Participating Candidates that are unopposed following the deadlines for candidates and declared Write-in Candidates to file their Declarations of Candidacy. Any Participating Candidate that is declared unopposed must return unspent or unencumbered public funds to the City Clerk for deposit into the Fund.

Open & Ethical Elections Code

The Office of the City Clerk has enacted Rules and Regulations for administering the public financing process.

Download: Open & Ethical Elections Code