Severe Weather

Stay informed about severe weather in Albuquerque.

Contact Information

  • For emergencies, call 911
  • For road conditions, call 511 or (800) 432-4269
  • For non-emergencies, call 311

Weather Information

Visit National Weather Service for the latest weather information.

Road Conditions

For the latest traffic information:

How does the City prioritize the snow removal effort during a storm?

During a snow storm Street Maintenance crews are mobilized. The City's first priority is to plow and de-ice all major arterial streets leading to emergency entrances and exits such as hospitals, police and fire stations. Provided all arterial streets are plowed and de-iced, efforts are then focused on feeder streets.

Bus Schedules & Conditions

ABQ Ride buses and Sun Vans are working their regularly scheduled routes although weather related delays may occur.

For route schedules, call (505) 243-7433.

For more information, visit ABQRIDE.

Facilities, Services & Programs

For up-to-date information, call 311.


For information on flight delays or cancellations, visit:

Water Utility Authority

Residents are reminded to leave a faucet dripping in the sink located furthest from their water meter. Moving water is less likely to freeze, and will help reduce pressure build-up if a freeze does occur.


Albuquerque Public Schools

Visit Albuquerque Public Schools for closure information.

University of New Mexico

For the University of New Mexico: