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2017 GO Bond Introduction

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The 2017 G.O. Bond Program and 2017-2026 Decade Plan

Mayor Richard J. Berry is pleased to recommend the 2017 General Obligation Bond Program / 2017-2026 Decade Plan to the City Council and the Citizens of Albuquerque.

This document is for use by the City Council in reviewing the proposed 2017 General Obligation Bond Program / 2017-2026 Decade Plan for city-wide capital improvements. The CIP ordinance requires the Mayor to forward a ten-year plan to the City Council every two years. In turn, the Council is required to hold at least one public hearing on the proposed program.

The planning process began in January 2016 when the City Council unanimously adopted R-15-270; Enactment No. R-2016-002 establishing the bond program funding capacity, and project policy, and criteria for the 2017 biennium. Agency project requests were turned in in April, 2016 and were rated and ranked by Staff Committee during June. In September the City’s Senior Management, including City Council Staff, met to evaluate the proposed projects and make the difficult decisions required to conform the proposed program to the available funding. On November 10, 2016, as required by the CIP Ordinance, the program was presented to the Environmental Planning Commission (EPC) for a public hearing.