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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most common questions

Who can I call to ask a legal question or find an attorney?

The City of Albuquerque Legal Department represents the City of Albuquerque and does not give legal advice to private citizens. For non-City government questions or a lawyer to represent you, see the following:

ACLU of New Mexico
(505) 266-5915

Attorney General's Office (Albuquerque)
(505) 717-3500

Federal Public Defender
(505) 346-2489

Legal Aid
(505) 243-7871

Public Defender
(505) 369-3600

Senior Citizens Law Office
(505) 265-2300

State Bar General Referral Program
(505) 797-6066

State Bar of New Mexico
(505) 797-6000

How do I contact the Metropolitan Court and other courts?

Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court
(505) 841-8151

Bernalillo County Court of Wills, Estate & Probate
(505) 468-1234

Second Judicial District Court
(505) 827-4800

United States District Court of New Mexico
(505) 348-2000

How do I find records from a criminal or civil case?

To obtain an electronic copy of a record maintained in a criminal or civil case please visit or contact the appropriate court.

How would I get a copy of a City Ordinance?

To obtain an electronic copy of a City Ordinance, please visit To obtain a paper copy of a City Ordinance, please call the City Clerk's Office at (505) 924-3650. The office is located at Plaza del Sol, 600 2nd St NW, 7th floor. (Map)

How do I take care of a traffic citation?

For questions regarding a traffic citation, visit the Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court website or call (505) 841-8151 for information.

Who do I contact about public records?

Learn how to inspect public records from the Office of the City Clerk.

How do I complain about a local business?

All complaints against any business should be made to the New Mexico State Attorney General's Office located at 201 3rd St NW, Suite 300. Phone: (505) 717-3500 or 1-844-255-9210 (toll-free).

Who can I contact about an issue with my Homeowners Association?

Please contact Alternative Dispute Resolution at (505) 768-4660.

Who do I talk to concerning a name change?

Visit the District Court website or call (505) 841-8400.

How do I report a crime?

Learn how to file a police report online.