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Land Use Facilitation Program Participant Survey

For Land Use Facilitation participants

City of Albuquerque SealPlease take a few moments to fill out the following survey.

Your answers will be used to ensure that the Land Use Facilitation Program is providing high quality, effective services that meet the needs of residents affected by Land Use Proposals.

1. Do you feel that the Facilitation process:

a. Was informational and informative in regard to the details of the proposed project?  

b. Provided an opportunity to raise issues and suggest resolutions to those issues?  

c. Enhanced communication and exchange of ideas between you and the Applicant?  

2. Was a member of City Staff present at the facilitated meeting (Planner, Traffic Engineer, City Council Member, etc)?  

If yes, was their presence helpful?

3. How satisfied are you with the overall outcome of the process?  

4. Do you feel that you received adequate notification of the facilitated meeting?  

5. Do you feel the facilitator was objective, able to hear both parties without taking sides?  

6. Do you feel the facilitator was effective?  

7. Are you satisfied with the final report?  

8. Do you feel that all pertinent ideas relating to the case were captured?  

9. Would you recommend this facilitator for future facilitations?  


The ADR Office welcomes any questions, comments, and suggestions for improvement you have for the Land Use Facilitation Program.

To contact the ADR Coordinator directly, please email [email protected] or telephone 505-768-4660.