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Employee Data Spreadsheet Template

A .csv file of the Employee Data Spreadsheet Template.

text/csv Employee Data Spreadsheet Template.csv — 1.8 KB

File contents

# Read the instructions below:,,,,,
# Fields that are blank or start with '#' are ignored by the system during upload. You can upload this spreadsheet without deleting the instructions.,,,,,
"# Once this spreadsheet is filled out, make sure to keep it as a .csv when you save it. Upload it by using the Restore Data from File button on the data entry page.",,,,,
# Do not alter the values in cells A24:B29. Cells C25:C29 are where your Company Information go. Edit those values to relect your information.,,,,,
# Row 33 contains the headers for the employee data. Rows 34 and 35 are sample data that shows you how to enter your employee data in those rows.,,,,,
# Annual Comp should have no commas or dollar signs and should be rounded to nearest dollar.,,,,,
# Employee IDs can be any value as long as they are unique.,,,,,
# Hours should be rounded to the nearest integer.,,,,,
# Use only the numbers associated with the Job Categories below to categorize each employee.,,,,,
# Exec / Senior: 1.1,,,,,
# First / Mid: 1.2,,,,,
# Professionals: 2,,,,,
# Technicians: 3,,,,,
# Sales Workers: 4,,,,,
# Admin Support: 5,,,,,
# Skilled: 6,,,,,
# Semi-Skilled: 7,,,,,
# Unskilled: 8,,,,,
"# Basic fields. Do not change the field key or label. You can edit the data in the ""value"" column",,,,,
# field key,label,value,,,
company_name,Company Name,Your Company Name,,,
company_email,Email,[email protected],,,
employees_in_nm,Do you have employees working in New Mexico?,yes,,,
company_mailing_addr,Mailing Address,Your Address,,,
# ,You can add / edit the rows below,,,,
#,Gender,Annual Comp,Employee ID,Annual Hours,Job Category