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Department Contact Information

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In 1993 the Office of Economic Development was created to promote and facilitate business development, to create and implement economic development strategy, and to strengthen ties with the private sector.

Through Economic Development Office's many achievements and strong reputation for reliability, on July 1, 2006, the Office of Economic Development gained department status becoming the Economic Development Department.

Quick Contacts

All Media Inquiries:
Jennifer Esquivel (505) 382-3150 or [email protected]
City Incentives:
Deirdre Firth (505) 768-3269 or [email protected]
Lodgers' Tax Advisory Board:
Chris Chavez (505) 768-3292 or [email protected]
Small Business Regulatory Advisory Commission:
Lucas Pedraza [email protected] 
To Request A Meeting with the Department Director:
Jennifer Walters (505)768-3275 or [email protected]

Full Staff Contact Information

Synthia Jaramillo, Department Director
(505) 768-3270

Deirdre Firth, Deputy Director
(505) 768-3269 or [email protected]

Lucas Pedraza, Economic Development Manager
505-768-3051 [email protected]

Christopher Chavez, Planner
(505) 768-3292 or [email protected]

Jennifer Esquivel, Marketing and Communications Manager
(505) 768-3305 or [email protected]

Jennifer Walters, Executive Assistant
(505)768-3275 or [email protected]

Chandler Kay, Senior Administrative Assistant
(505) 768-3266 or [email protected]

Film Office

Amber Dodson, Film Liaison
(505) 768-3278 or [email protected]

Rebecca Cavalier, Film Coordinator
(505) 768-3289 or [email protected]

Santana Garcia, Film Permit Assistant
(505) 768-3283 or [email protected]

Alexandria Argo, Film Office Assistant
[email protected]