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The Public Safety ECHO Curriculum

The Public Safety ECHO curriculum includes community wellness, mental health, skills training, public safety and drug intervention & prevention programming.

Community Wellness

These topics relate to the health of the community and provide participants insight into what programs and services are available to the public.

Topics include: De-escalation, Services for people experiencing homelessness, What makes a healthy downtown?, Housing issues, Harm reduction strategies, Economic development issues.

Mental Health

Presentations consist of training and information on mental health and suicide prevention.

Topics include Trauma and trauma-informed care, Psychosis, Tips for happiness, Personality disorders, Meditation, Assisted outpatient treatment (AOT), Mental health service providers,

Skills Training

Subject matter experts provide training to the network.

Topics include De-escalation techniques, Active listening, Reading body language, Conflict resolution tools and strategies, Ways to calm your mind and body, Using people-first language.

Public Safety

Presentations include general safety concepts.

Topics include What to do in the event of a mass casualty incident, How to improve building security, Active shooter training, Reducing the risk of auto theft, APD programs like the Real Time Crime Center.

Drug Intervention & Prevention

Community advocates and program leaders present to the network on drug prevention and intervention programs in the community.

Topics include Harm reduction strategies, Confronting stigma in addiction, Understanding the scope of the opioid epidemic, How Naloxone works and how to use it, Methamphetamine and mental illness.