Tramway Boulevard and Indian School Road Landscaping Report Completed

Recommendations how to rehabilitate landscape at intersection

City Councilor Don Harris announces the completion of a study of the landscaping at the intersection of Tramway Boulevard and Indian School Road. For several hundred feet north of Indian School Road to about 75 feet south of the road, the ground has been vacated of plant cover and is eroding into the roadway with the ensuing sediment carried away into the storm sewer system.  The study includes recommendations for  addressing these issues and similar challenges to the landscaping at other locations along Tramway.  

The recommendations prescribe how to rehabilitate the landscape in such a way that it prevents the same conditions from returning that created the problems in the first place and to potentially create a template solution that can be applied to other distressed areas in the Tramway landscape buffer. To do so requires understanding the needs of the site from many different aspects. Several possible strategies are examined and from these potential solutions recommendations are tendered for rehabilitating the landscaping and preventing the existing degraded conditions from reoccurring in the future.

In addition to the recommendations, are a documented public input process, a  technical study process, estimated costs to remediate the landscaping and  strategies to address new responsibilities that have arisen since the planting strip was planted in the late 1980’s . These include storm water management responsibilities placed on the City by the Federal Environmental Protection Agency, the growing need to provide wildlife management, conservation whenever possible and the humane relocation of wildlife when necessary. Finally, the report recommends ensuring that any landscaping creates clear site triangles for cyclists on the Tramway Trail and motorists on Indian School and Tramway to be able to see each other.